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SIMCom LTE Modules SIM7600E & SIM7600E-H Passed the GCF Certification

2020-01-20 18:09:26

SIMCom LTE Cat1 module SIM7600E and LTE Cat4 module SIM7600E-H have recently passed the GCF certification. GCF (Global Certification Forum) is an organization formed by operators and terminal manufacturers; communication products for the European market are required to deliver with GCF certificate, while GCF certification is mandatory for operator warehousing. That is to say, this is a high-level certification for communication products associated with operators in Europe and the United States. Passing the GCF certification demonstrates the SIMCom modules feature outstanding stability and reliability that help customers further open up the European market and expand the scope of market sales.
By right of its excellent R&D capabilities, SIMCom has been enriching its product lines constantly while seeking technology innovation; from LTE Cat1 modules SIM7600X and SIM7500CE to LTE Cat3 module SIM7100X through to LTE Cat4 modules SIM7600X-H and SIM7600CE, the diversified product lines meet requirements of different industries and customers.
Developed based on the Qualcomm 4G platform, the SIM7600E and SIM7600E-H employ 87-Pin LCC packaging in a size of 30*30*2.9 mm; both modules support Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Linux/Android USB drives, as well as Firmware Over The Air (FOTA), Text To Speech (TTS) and audio recording and playback; the AT command is compatible with modules SIM7500X and SIM7600X so that customers are allowed to use modules from different systems for development, thereby helping them reduce cost and the time to market. The modules have been extensively used in IoT sectors such as on-board application, security, tracker and DTU.
SIM7600E is LTE Cat1 module with an upstream rate of 5 Mbps and a downstream rate of 10 Mbps. Thus, it's ideal for low-rate applications with stringent requirements for product stability and reliability. SIM7600E-H is LTE Cat4 module with an upstream rate of up to 50 Mbps and a downstream rate of up to 150 Mbps, thus being ideal for applications with certain requirements for module transmission rate.
In 2020, SIMCom will continue to enhance its investment in overseas markets, focus on module industry, and improve product quality, in addition to accelerating the development of new products and providing in-depth service to customers from various industries.

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