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Basic Questions

Modules continue to restart after the power is on, which can only be solved by removing the SIM card. Why?
This could be due to a severe drop in the current. Measure this drop down range with an oscilloscope and set an appropriate upper limit for the VBAT pin.
How do I upgrade to the latest version?

Option #1: If the following interfaces are kept as recommended, rather than the solder wire from the module, use the RS232 bridge to connect these UART signals to PC, and use PC tools to upgrade.


Option #2: SIMCom provides the client with the module upgrade protocol, which, after being built into the application code, can be used to update in the host.
Option #3: SIM900 supports the FOTA interface. Please refer to related documentation.
How can I capture log?
1) Keep the debug port (debug_RX / debug_Tx ) and follow the instructions.
2) If there is no reserved interface, you need to weld solder wire from the module.
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